Cameroon - Honor and Loyalty : 2021: Resilience of the Army-Nation bond

The Head of the Communication Division (DIVCOM) of the Ministry of Defense (MINDEF), Cyrille Serge Atonfack Guemo, augurs a nation-army closer to the people and always ready to intervene in the protection of property and people. The first edition of the Editorial of the program "Honneur et Fidélité" of the year 2021 (February 02), certainly opens the doors for a new challenge. It was drafted by DIVCOM as follows :

"2021 is already there. Thanks be to the Supreme Being who, through His Mercy, has allowed us to enter this New Year. Honneur et Fidelité, the radio diapasonof the bond between the Army and the Nation wishes you a special Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Dear listeners, dear listeners, before taking an outlook at what will be the axes of our communication throughout this nascent year, it seems essential for us to show you our infinite gratitude, for your companionship at all times, in good times, and most especially during our anguished periods of our citizen combats, when absolutely everything had seem to be ganging up against us, the Defence and Security Forces.

What treacherous attacks have we not had to face, from compatriots under the pay check of foreign interests? How many disinformation campaigns, how many acts of intoxication widely relayed, and often orchestrated by the major media lobbies against our country, Cameroon, and its valiant Defence and Security Forces ?

The truth is, in these times of turmoil marked by the renewed appetite for an archaic, invasive and castrating unilateralism, to display your ambitions for sovereignty, is high risk. Our country is thus paying the price for its obvious determination to remain master of its own destiny.Honour to the Head of State, Head of the Armed Forces, His Excellency Mr. Paul BIYA.

Dear Cameroonian sisters and brothers, because you are cultured citizens, always in support of the Defence and Security Forces, the many attempts to grab, to fragment our blessed land are doomed to failure. Your loyalty will never have failed us. To this day, and despite these obscure and treacherous backings, the enemy has not occupied even a tiny fraction of the national territory.

It is therefore with complete assurance that the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defence, Beti Assomo Joseph, carried the message of confidence from the Head of State, Head of the Armed Forces, to soldiers in the garrisons of Ngaoundéré and Tibati, in the administrative region of Adamaoua.

As usual, the entry into the New Year was crowned with the award of new ranks to meritorious staff. And once again, your numerous and enthusiastic presence come to further strengthen the reputation of the Cameroonian army, your army, the bedrock of National Unity. In terms of motivation, this fervent patriotic support remains and will always remain the source of our conviction in the rightness of our common cause, and the pillar of the tenacity that drives our daily action.

As for the communication on our actions, even our intentions, on this too, the battle will be hard, the enemy is seeking by all means to discredit the valiant defenders of the Fatherland. But we do our imperative duty to make this communication more visible on the available media, more legible in terms of clarity, veracity and consistence, in order to meet your ever-growing legitimate expectations.

Again and again, thank you very much for the honour of your loyalty, by listening to Honneur et Fidelité, the Radio Diapason of the bond between the Nation and its Army.

To you all, a happy and prosperous new year 2021".

Odile Pahai

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Odile Pahai