"Weak State institutions, destroy the economic fabric, disorientate the system of education and erase ancestral traditions. This seems to be the mission formally received by terrorist groups, and which they have been trying to achieve for many years now with the increasing manifest of foreign powers nourishing the objective of inciting ideological, economic and social conflicts in Cameroon.

Multilaterally and above all, in terms of sovereignty, Cameroon's geostrategic and geopolitical position seems to be in direct opposition with the ambitions of the tenors of unbridled, predatory and hegemonic liberalism, determined to seize the resources and potentials which abound our country. Even if it means discharging it of portions of its national territory.

To achieve this, what could be more appropriate than the destruction of the production tool in full qualitative and quantitative consolidation? It is a matter of suffocating the economic fabric, something which will have as a direct consequence the reduction in the flow of capital, with a negative impact on the living conditions of a population in constant growth and growing needs.

From the situation of a an artificially created destitution, a sense of frustration is expected by the agents and organs of manipulation who want to transform the situation into violent manifestations of popular discontentment. But thanks to their appreciable level of education and discernment, the Cameroonian people thwart this fatal maneuver.

So, the crestfallen enemy is bent on destroying schools via the outbreaks of fires, the murder of teachers and students even in classrooms, not to mention rape, abuse, and kidnappings to which they are victims. The purpose of this surge of violence is to deprive intelligence to future generations of Cameroonians and to reduce venerable sanctuaries of science to new cemeteries of intelligence, with the hope that the uneducated spirits thus created, will be more receptive to the injunctions of the so called ‘more civilized.’ This attempt to impose the veil of ignorance on us has met with a resounding fiasco.

Neither are the repeated attacks against the custodians of tradition an act of sheer banditry nor of futile cruelty. The assassinations, kidnappings of traditional leaders, the theft and destruction of the symbols of our ancestral cultures are part of the ambition to cut us off from our roots, to better instill in us the practices of deviationist modernism.

Is it not surprising then that the recent group assassination of Traditional Rulers in the South West Region has raised only a weak echo in the minds of civil society organizations, let alone among the profusion of humanitarian organizations.The subject would perhaps not be in line with the times imprinted by the laid down rules for the acquisition of capital.

Still, the loss of reference points and the moral alienation resulting from the burning of our libraries, in other words, the erasure of the tenants of our centuries-old lifestyles, will make us and our descendants subjects submissive to the global project of eccentricity of the figure of man, in favor of an essentially utilitarian and basely materialistic ideology.

Actively resisting the enemies of Cameroon, amounts to fighting for the protection of the national territory, our people, our wealth, our traditions, and our humanity. The peace of our country will be the pretium doloris, in other words, the price of the pain currently endured by our brave people".

Navy Captain Cyrille Serge ATONFACK GUEMO

Head of Communication Division / MINDEF

Odile Pahai