Cameroon Army - Honor and Loyalty : Cyber attacks in Africa

The news of recent times arefilled with stories of formal attacks directed against State or private IT structures. According to the victims, these cybernetic offensives, aimed at spying or paralysing targeted systems, would be the work of professionals more or less encouraged by States in competition with other States. The absence of physical confrontations or pyrotechnic blazes could cause one to believe that we are witnessing children playing in search of mischief. This is not the case, especially not when it comes to shutting down the computer systems of large hospitals, putting the lives of thousands of patients on a knife-edge.

In fact, cyberattacks enter a cycle of power struggles, the violence of which, sometimes stifled, is nonetheless economically disastrous and humanly deadly. The harshness of the battle will also have persuaded the protagonists to invoke the computer patriotism of their citizens, as others before them called on their populations to take up arms.

If so far, the cyber war thus unleashed can be summed up in a history of arms mainly affecting the security, military, industrial, economic and scientific systems of powers of a certain scale, the least advanced nations on all these plans are not spared as much. The ultimate objective of this mobilization being the search for a global hegemony, which will necessarily involve a standardization of linguistic practice, a subversion of the intellectual perspective and a replacement of cultural foundations.

Navy Captain ATONFACK GUEMO Head of Communication Division MINDEF

Navy Captain ATONFACK GUEMO Head of Communication Division MINDEF

For peoples like ours already in the quarry of crumbling maneuvers, the removal of civilizational referents will be followed by a depersonalization conducive to the acceptance of new forms of submission. It must be said that the bulldozer is already running. On the one hand, it manifests itself through the promotion of a social organization emptied of previously commonly accepted moral standards, and on the other hand through a blossoming of roughresentments relating to subjectivities that are conflicting prejudice.

On a daily basis, we are paying the price for this other world war, which like the previous ones is coming from elsewhere and will not be of any benefit to us,each drop of our blood spilled, from whatever side it may be, contributes on the contrary, to the erosion of our potential for survival as sovereign people. The faceless war that is proposed to us is feeding on our vital energy and only our union, a wall without cracks, can prevent it from committing the carnage programmed at home by others.

In any case, the great peoples of tomorrow are those who will have known, from today, to combine all their forces in order to conquer better areas of development. For the sons and daughters of Cameroon that we are, it is therefore essential to calm down our aggressive impulses, to erase our points of disagreement, to rediscover a sense of cohesion, a common posture and aspirations.

It is now up to us to inscribe in a relationship no longer of force or violence, but of fraternity, awareness, intelligence, citizen and patriotic mobilization. Wecan do it, and our country desservesit.

Navy Captain


Head of Communication Division MINDEF

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Buenas tardes, encantado de saludarte. Soy Jose
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Vive la folie de la littérature

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