After the many ups and downs of an interminable but no less deadly Cold War, there was much rejoicing at the prospect of a much more peaceful, if not peaceful era. The end of great power rivalry offered a glimpse of a world in which prosperity and security would be the most sought-after assets. And for good measure, phrases such as the internationalisation of trade and the globalisation of social issues underpinned these predictions, which in practice proved to be no more than a strategic diversion, a distraction.

With the illusion that the spectre of planetary conflagration was receding, and the belief that it was now permissible to divert a large proportion of military spending to social welfare, hegemonic confrontations intensified. As a result, the arms race was revived. Space, once a sanctuary, is becoming the battlefield of the future. Perhaps to save the Earth from destruction?

The positions taken by international bodies, the incessant movement of troops, the transfer of mercenaries from one side of the globe to the other - all this commotion does not augur well in the short or medium term. On the contrary!!! There is every reason to believe that we are in for a long period of severe turbulence.

For the world today is neither more equal nor more united. Diplomatic activity and trade are still dominated by the richest States. Not even the universal codes of human morality have been tainted by the hubris of mainstream thinking. A truly global hubris syndrome.

But while we await the advent of this much-vaunted, though heavily mortgaged, multipolarity, another phenomenon linked to the current turmoil seriously threatens the security of our planet. It is terrorism. And it is no longer just the work of a handful of enlightened people with suicidal tendencies.

Supported by divisive discourses and fuelled by predatory circles with explicit agendas, this volatile scourge is spreading like wildfire, transgressing sovereignties, undermining institutions, destroying economies, weakening social cohesion and restricting human freedoms. And despite contrary declarations by some of the major players on the international stage, the wave of death cannot continue, let alone flourish, without some kind of surreptitious consent.

Caught off guard in this context of hegemonic ambitions exacerbated by those who seek to enrich themselves by impoverishing others, our States must, for our very survival, fight resolutely against openly declared ambitions of destabilisation and disintegration, actively pursued on all fronts. These range from injunctions to defamation, from abuse to torpedoes, and from incapacitation to ostracism. The aim is to subjugate us morally and intellectually through fear.

But we are no less intelligent, no poorer, no less free and no more vulnerable than they claim. Let’s just continue to maximise our strengths so that we can develop and defend ourselves. And above all, let’s not forget that we only throw stones at the tree that bears good fruit. /-

Navy Captain,


Head of Communication

Division - MINDEF

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Initiative à encourager. Merci et bravo aux promoteurs du mouvement 👏👏

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Buenas tardes, encantado de saludarte. Soy Jose
Quería escribirte porque me ha parecido interesante comentar contigo la posibilidad de que tu negocio aparezca cada mes en periódicos digitales como not

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Bonjour Mme et toutes mes félicitations,
Je suis à Douala, je suis à la recherche de votre tisane. Avez-vous une représentation à Douala. Sinon comment faire pour avoir régulièrement votre produit.

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Vive la folie de la littérature

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