Cameroon - Honor and Loyalty : Peace in Cameroon : A reality consolidated every day

Faced with unfounded subjectivities advocating armed insurgency against the authority of the State, between alleged legitimacies opposing the control of spaces and resources, the Defence and Security Forces (DSF) have as one and only alternative the republican legality.

This assertion can both, alternately or concurrently, serve as a summary and a framework for the action of our personnel deployed in areas subject to security vulnerabilities, such as those found on national territory. It should be noted that as they are built in an illusory way on a more or less heterogeneous fabric of beliefs, certainties, practices and initiatives, the current liberalised conflicts are the result of dilemmas, concerns, and questions. They also carry a lot of expectations and raise many hopes.

In itself, this expectant attitude of man, which stems from his deep nature, can only be fruitful, except when it is polluted by interference working to demoralize the individual, to exacerbate his impatience and to the generation in him, a feeling of dissatisfaction. It is then that all the references of humanity, fraternity and solidarity falls. Diversity becomes adversity, egoism replaces self-sacrifice, warm neighbourhoods turn into hermetic hermitages, and the desire for monopolization outweighs the sense of sharing. The violence born out of these imagined hatreds painfully affects our families, our communities, and our entire nation.

However, it is possible to live differently on Cameroonian soil, without argument, without violence. To live in harmony, in peace and in complete security with our neighbour, each of us desires it, urges and demands it. The cardinality of these principles of life and survival is such that the government is given a mandate to ensure their sustainability and if necessary, their restoration.

Our Defence and Security Forces make this mission an exciting task and a noble duty. As ambassadors of peace, as agents of national security, the soldiers of the Republic ensure the well-being of all, tempering moods, restraining hostility, discouraging the use of violence, provoking fraternization.

Navy Captain ATONFACK GUEMO, Head of Communication Division MINDEF

Navy Captain ATONFACK GUEMO, Head of Communication Division MINDEF

Beyond the institutional legitimacy with, which it is vested, the Cameroonian military enjoys immeasurable esteem from our populations, because honourably and faithfully assuming its status as a crucible of national unity, harmonious model fusions from our ethnological diversity, morphologic and cultural. This other level of legitimation is also a consequence of the impartiality of the personnel of our military who, in the face of disputes, do not take sides with any of the parties in conflict, except the party of legality and conciliation.

The same state of mind guides the action of our personnel in the far more perilous missions of the fight against the multifaceted terrorism, which strikes blindly and indiscriminately.

With the constant support of the nation, the power of our weapons is multiplied, the apparition of the security danger fades every day, the integrity of the national territory is always better preserved, the civil-military action is gaining in scale, the peace in Cameroon is a more consolidated reality ./-

Navy Captain


Head of Communication Division - MINDEF

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