Cameroon - Culture: Mauritania will host from January 20 to 26, 2025, the third edition of FIRBA


Well anchored in this perspective of highlighting art and discovery, the FIRBA (Festival International Roots and Beauty Africa) will set down its suitcases in Mauritania. This edition will be even richer with the promotion of African culture and beauty. Being a systemic vibration of African identity, FIRBA is that platform that simultaneously promotes the arts by showcasing different arts and performances.

Subdivided by exhibitions, meetings, exchanges, workshops, master classes, this third edition will take place from January 20 to 26, 2025 under the theme: "Brightness of diversity, celebrating the colors, cultures and traditions of the world ".

Note that FIRBA is also a sharing of experience, exhibitions of all kinds, and also the promotion of Africa through its cultures, its communities and its diversity. The first edition having been a masterstroke in Yaoundé in Cameroon, the second edition also took place in Senegal with this diversity so much advocated in Africa in the city of Dakar.

As it is customary to say never two without three, Mauritania, a welcoming people conducive to discovery, will open its doors to this grandiose and surreal festival.Made up of a professional team well established in events, this edition 3 masterfully directed by the no less talented Sylvie Dang Mkendi will have various opportunities in each of the presentations and services offered.Don't miss this plural fusion of African art while highlighting African talent!

Contacts and information:

Facebook :firbacm

Email :

Tel : +237 6 52 33 77 03

Odile Pahai


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06.12 | 17:52

Initiative à encourager. Merci et bravo aux promoteurs du mouvement 👏👏

03.12 | 09:31

Buenas tardes, encantado de saludarte. Soy Jose
Quería escribirte porque me ha parecido interesante comentar contigo la posibilidad de que tu negocio aparezca cada mes en periódicos digitales como not

30.11 | 11:53

Bonjour Mme et toutes mes félicitations,
Je suis à Douala, je suis à la recherche de votre tisane. Avez-vous une représentation à Douala. Sinon comment faire pour avoir régulièrement votre produit.

28.11 | 21:45

Vive la folie de la littérature

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