National unity and cohesion as power factors. Isn’t it time to think about it? Or,to re-examine?

In any case, Cameroon has been demonstrating for some years now that whatever its size, the country having and knowing how to value these two elements, will be able to confront the toughest adversities, as well as the most more diverse, while remaining able to pursue the materialization of its development objectives.

Since unity can be seen as a state of mind of identity that is essentially prone to fraternization and socialization, cohesion brings it the supplement of overall dynamics, which gives it strength and efficiency, like military training in parade or in operation.

Going back as far as the territorial dispute over the Bakassi peninsula, the epic struggle against the phenomenon of highway robbers and hostage-taking, maritime piracy, road crime, cross-border crime, terrorist aggression and maintaining the course of the 33rd edition of the African Cup of Nations, it is constant that Cameroonians of all ethnocultural origins, all social strata and all politico-religious obedience have shown unity and cohesion; Cameroonians, we say, will at all times and in all circumstances, always oppose a united front and a coordinated response to the ordeals encountered, as well as to the challenges that they have deliberately chosen for themselves.

In addition, if Cameroon still manages to surprise the world with its formidable resistance, its inexhaustible resilience and above all, its capacity to move forward, it is certainly thanks to the unity and cohesion of its people. This is an attitude that many other nations and entities undergoing dislocation would do well to emulate.

Thus, when national unity and cohesion are finally accepted alongside the already traditional paradigms of power, which are, among others, economic, military and demographic weight and cultural influence, history will not fail to point out that it is Cameroon, an equatorial African country, that will have been part of the African frontrunner in clearing the paths that led to this scientific, political and diplomatic progress./-

Navy Captain


Head of Communication Division - MINDEF

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