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The sudden rise in tensions that have recently occurred in its eastern borders, will not have failed to arouse some concern in Cameroon, due to its immediate proximity to the scene of the said frictions. There was no question of fearing a possible submersion into our territory, as long lasting measures had been taken to prohibit this kind of reckless escapade. Fortunately, by recalling the good memories of the actors present, African wisdom will have contributed to strongly distort the possibility of a clash of centers of gravity.

The legitimate concerns of the Cameroonian population, mainly those of the border towns, related to the not always positive consequences of these influxes of people seeking asylum. If the spirit of solidarity demands that we open our arms wide to them, as has been the case for many years, this is done at the expense of the usual comfort of life. For the flood of refugees brings with it its share of disorder and unhealthy intentions.

We can thus note the pressure on housing and foodstuffs, which are becoming very scarce and more expensive, the decline in social hygiene caused by promiscuity, the increase in cases of theft and sexual violence, juvenile delinquency, the alienation of women through prostitution, the acceleration of the degradation of the vegetation, and the increased depredation of natural resources.

This feeling of unease is formally transformed into a feeling of insecurity when wolves disguised as sheeps begin to appear among the unfortunate people in distress, more interested in the humanitarian cover provided by the status of refugees than in the fate that is supposed to befall them. These criminally inclined individuals encourage the circulation of firearms and the consumption of drugs, which are precursors to robberies, kidnappings for ransom, cattle rustling and even rape and murder.

Navy Captain Cyrille Serge ATONFACK GUEMO, Head of Communication Division / MINDEF

Navy Captain Cyrille Serge ATONFACK GUEMO, Head of Communication Division / MINDEF

This is a headache for the public authorities, who must ensure security and order in an equitable manner. Fortunately, once again, the day-to-day running of the city's affairs is carried out without any notable friction, with the hospitality of the local populations, the good sense of the majority of refugees, and the dexterity of the authorities combining to iron out the difficulties and spare the sensitivities, in order to offer a decent living environment for all.

But rather than waiting to be engulfed by the consequences of instability at our borders before reacting, the Cameroonian authorities are showing an overwhelming voluntarism in the search for and implementation of solutions to crisis situations at the very places where they occur.

The mobilization of diplomacy, the deployment of troops in peacekeeping operations, are the treadles activated by our country in order to promote the restoration of a climate of peace and security in Africa and in the world.

When we know that peace and security are the indispensable prerequisites for the development of nations, how can we reproach Cameroon for its commitment to them, even if it is because there are better things to do at the local level, that this commitment would be financially costly and humanly perilous? Such an argument is a guilty ignorance of the expansive and damaging nature of the shockwave of crisis situations, whether natural or man-made. The situation is even more dangerous when these crises are the result of uncontrolled armed violence.

Moreover, if we consider the position of our country, it is clear that any indifference on our part towards the misfortunes in our neighbourhood would be an incomprehensible denial of reality and a shift of responsibility that would be detrimental to our peace of mind, our economy, our environment and our people. We might as well help to put out the fire in our neighbour's house before our own house catches fire!

Navy Captain Cyrille Serge ATONFACK GUEMO

Head of Communication Division / MINDEF

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