Navy Captain ATONFACK GUEMO, Head of Communication Division - MINDEF

Navy Captain ATONFACK GUEMO, Head of Communication Division - MINDEF


The mode of expressions during a period believed to be definitively swept away by the collapse of the ideological foundations of the Cold War. It must be admitted that the then emerging globalization had for a time hinted at the possibility of a rebalancing of relations between the developed countries of the North, which dictated the terms of trade and the developing countries of the South considered to be mere reserves for raw materials.

But to have never existed, the new world so hoped for will have been so only the time of a quickly vanished dream with the resurgence of old reflexes of domination and monopolization, pillars on which will be built wealth, powers and notoriety.

It is therefore understandable that it seemed suicidal to the masters of yesterday to renounce the privileges earned by an advantageous position.

The brutality of the socio-political and security shocks felt in our latitudes is indeed the backlash from the start of the West, now determined to reconstitute its former empire on which the sun never set.

Moreover,for having made the mistake of claiming emancipation by taking a different path rather than those traced for our good by ancient suzerainty, it is necessary for us to prepare ourselves to face the worst persecutionsand nothing shall be spared us.

Military machinery, legal systems, business conglomerates, financial system, pressure lobbies and the media sphere are some of the means employed by those nostalgic of a colonial past now re-emerging.With the difference being that the missionaries and the foreign merchants will have been replaced by fundamentalist and separatistof local colour, both posing as custodians and perpetuators of cultures inherited from colonization.

Here lies the root of our misfortunes, while the secret of the strategic withdrawal operated by the dominant powers of the past is revealed. Before leaving, they will have made sure to leave behind obsequious mentalities, which through indoctrination will have lost even the idea of a personality of their own. Let us not even talk about the stealing of intelligences modestly called brain drain.

The fact remains that the ancestral roots are cut, secular histories erased all in favour of vain and degrading allegiances to Western or Eastern lineages. A look at the alleged motives of the current conflicts in our countries reveals the lack of endogeneity, as much in the recriminations as in the solutions proposed by the instigators of the fracturing of our societies and our States.

The door is as if it were open to all windows that is to say, to all intrusions. Blessed bread for the major competitors on the world stage, who will not hesitate to accuse, impute, sanction and intervene, with the sole aim of regaining their so call private property. However, the strategic mistake they have made all this time is teaching us their way of tying wood to wood. It is up to us to know how to integrate it into our own cultural resources to avoid becoming submissive victims of the colonial revival.

Navy Captain


Head of Communication Division - MINDEF

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Buenas tardes, encantado de saludarte. Soy Jose
Quería escribirte porque me ha parecido interesante comentar contigo la posibilidad de que tu negocio aparezca cada mes en periódicos digitales como not

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Bonjour Mme et toutes mes félicitations,
Je suis à Douala, je suis à la recherche de votre tisane. Avez-vous une représentation à Douala. Sinon comment faire pour avoir régulièrement votre produit.

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Vive la folie de la littérature

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