With the east wind that blew over the planet at the dawn of the 90s, will be asked the question of the place, and above all, the new role that the army would play in countries having experience changes in political order. The subject will be all the more burning in that, in many of these countries, the army or the multiple factions that take its place, will have invited themselves into the management of the city, sometimes going as far as acting as a governing body. This has never been the case in Cameroon, the Cameroonian military haven always remained a respectful guardian of the Institutions of the Republic.

Cultivating with remarkable care its unitary genome and its political neutrality, the Cameroonian military has over time made these solid ferments of peace, stability, security and prosperity, a posture of rare exception in the long procession of countries considered to be developing.

Development is also one of the main fields of action towards which the Cameroonian military holds at heart, the crumbling of ideological antagonisms between the East and the West having had among its many corollaries, the remoteness of the spectre of an interstate war. The room for maneuver thus created due to the mitigation of the threat, will have reinforced the will of the Cameroonian military to put the duality of its skills at the service of the populations.

The duality of military trades in fact favouring their application on the civilian field, this advantage enabled them to support the construction of the material and immaterial precursors of development. The opening of communication channels throughout the national territory, the construction within and outside the barracks, of medical, health and school infrastructures freely accessible to the populations, are amongst other quality services, translating this engagement of the Cameroonian military in operations other than war.

Such versatility and the level of performance achieved today are the result of methodical and long-term training, entirely focused on excellence. Because, thanks to the many partnerships concluded across the world, Cameroonian soldiers are setting out in search of the best in terms of knowledge and know-how. In the country, these cognitive and functional skills are reproduced in the knowledge transmission chain, experienced and adapted to local realities.

The latest example of the appropriation of skills by the Cameroonian military is the confection of anti-Covid-19 nose masks. While allowing for substantial financial savings, the initiative spared our army from having to endure the stress of a more than likely strategic shortage, as this matter quickly became a global economic and health issue.

In this regard, the construction of infrastructure such as the Centralized Automobile Repair and Reconstruction Establishment, the Naval Workshops, the Air Force Trades School, are all heavy investments made by the taxpayer in favour of the military, investments which find an additional profitability in the realization of civil-military actions.

Because, concurrently with the execution of statutory defence and security missions, additional tasks such as mobility support, logistical and health support, air transport, civil protection, protection of the economic fabric, are now included as integral parts of the operational agenda of the Cameroonian Military. Resolutely at the service of citizens, the Crucible of National Unity intends to make the most of the minimum granted to it. If this were the optimization of resources, then in this area too, the Cameroonian Military would be the example to follow.

Navy Captain Cyrille Serge ATONFACK GUEMO Head of Communication Division / MINDEF

Odile Pahai

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