Cameroon - Bilingualism week : The Ministry of Public Works in phase with the administration and promotion of the language

Faced with new challenges, Cameroon naturally stands out as the bilingual country in this area. English and French being the two main languages of the country, the Ministry of Public Works, celebrated the week of bilingualism in a framework of listening and sharing of values. Having a bilingual administration, this week begins a review of each department of the ministry.

National Bilingualism Week, the Touch of Mintp

The event was celebrated at Mintp (Ministry of Public Works). Indeed, on the initiative of the Division of Translation and the Promotion of Bilingualism, the national week dedicated to Bilingualism was marked by a high point this Friday 5 February 2021. The Secretary General, representative of the Minister of Public Works stressed the importance of the use of both languages and their impact on MINTP performance.

Let us recall that the week of bilingualism which precedes the traditional festival of Youth on February 11 of each year, is an opportunity for young people in school and even administrations, to show to the eyes of the world their ability to understand, express themselves and write either. French for Anglophones or English for Francophones.

Several initiatives have been taken to encourage their simultaneous use and strict measures implemented with regard to the publication of documents in French and English. The theme of this edition was highly illustrative of MINTP's objective, which is to promote the use of both official languages : "Bilingualism : a Tool for a Resilient Administration in the Building and Public Works Sector."

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