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Observing the world as it goes in its current wanderings punctuated by tragedies, in its solemn commitments and its hypocritical denials, the world in its pious beliefs and its morbid apostasies, its pompous altruistic speeches and its cruel selfishness, its admirable impartiality and its sarcastic greed, the fact is that we are at a crossroad.

To each of the actors in the world scene, is imposed a relentless and urgent imperative of selecting one option amongst the three alternatives, which presents themselves as: the option of returning to a past marked by the valuable contributions of a civilizing mission crowned by world wars; the 180 ° turn towards the incapacitating sluggishness of a nonetheless fatal cold war; courageous engagement in the ways of self-determination, ways which may be idealistic, but ways not as unrealistic as one might claim.

Little concerned about threats and allegations, more and more are those who today, because they are convinced of their right to a bright future, decide to take the uncomfortable path scattered with pitfalls of total self-affirmation. The first to dare such a pivot pay a heavy price for it. Choppers, banana peels, criminalization, sanctions and seditions almost everything is done to ensure that the earth slips under the feet of States with a strong personality who refuse to conform.

It is about those, who will have thrown themselves, body and soul into building the socio-scientific elements deemed crucial for their survival, in an environment that has become unstable and toxic. They indeed sensed with sufficient advance and foresight, the shocks currently registered in planetary geopolitics. The sum of cognitive and mechanical capacities patiently accumulated allows them to this day to use their influence on the international scene, to unravel the best-hatched plots and to resist attempts to reshape their territories.

In this obstacle path towards sovereignty, the more experienced must hold hands with the beginners, because together we are stronger and can forge ahead. African regional groupings would increase their usefulness in this, as shapers of perspectives and catalysts of energies dedicated to development and security.

These community think tanks could thus work to set up inter-state techno poles, from which the concepts that should form the basis of the socio-economic and technological emancipation of Africa would be thought of, tested and disseminated.

And if it were to happen that a similar approach was initiated in the field of security and defence, Cameroon would also be the ideal candidate that could advantageously serve as a sub-regional platform for the project, with its sociological and topographical diversity, in addition to its almost complete range of schools and training centres preparing for employment at various levels.

Already, the expertise of the Cameroon military in the management of terrorist plague, multifaceted assistance and multisectoral cooperation with its neighbours, would be signs that reveal Cameroon's readiness to play the role of launching gradient for the future development of the Central Africa sub-region.

Navy Captain Cyrille Serge ATONFACK GUEMO Head of Communication Division / MINDEF

Odile Pahai

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Vive la folie de la littérature

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