Honor and Loyalty : Cameroon, a convinced devotee to collective security in Central Africa

"Developing news in the eastern confines of Cameroon's national territory is strongly marked by a new influx of refugees, which is one of the consequences of the sharp increase in armed violence in the Central African Republic in recent times. This situation is attributed to the numerous rebel groups that roam this neighbouring country; vast landscape and rich natural resources, these has fuelled snatching ambition and a climate of generalized instability that has persisted for many years now.

The table of actors for the restructuring in CAR presents more than twenty armed factions, more or less heterogeneous in terms of organization and ideology, each claiming nevertheless of an almost messianic ideal. Added to these, are other opportunistic fanatics of violence, such as village self-defence groups and highway robbers, the visibility of the breakdown of the security chess board seems more defined.

As a convinced devotee to collective security, and out of solidarity with the Central African people to whom she is linked by multiple secular sociological identities, but also for the security of its own citizens within her borders, Cameroon has taken the train of multidimensional political and diplomatic approaches to labour for the return of peace in this country.

Since 2008 and with the operationalization of the Peace Consolidation Missions-MICOPAX I and II, the Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic under African Leadership-MISCA, until the advent in October 2014, of the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Mission for the Stabilization of the Central African Republic-MINUSCA, the contingents of Cameroonian soldiers and gendarmes deployed within the framework of these peacekeeping operations, continue to stand out for their expertise. The recent presidential and legislative elections of Sunday January 3, 2021, unfolded remarkably well, in the operational districts of the 7th Cameroonian battalion.

On a secondary level, this time within our borders, a sizeable security system has been put in place, from the banks of the Sangha in the south, to the Adamaoua region further north. They are responsible for inhibiting a possible spill over of armed violence on our land, notably via the implantation of rebel rear bases. The occasional predatory incursions of seditious elements has not tampered with the effectiveness of the security device.

This border deployment constitutes an essential element to block the evolution of terrorist movements from the eastern coast of the African continent, and whose final destination is the heart of the Gulf of Guinea, a centrepiece of major geo-economics and geostrategic challenges of the 21st century, now in its third decade.

In this context of total denial of access to the Atlantic coast, the birth of a supposed Cameroon Liberation Movement in the CAR should not be a surprise to specialists of geo-strategy of natural resources.

Led by a self-proclaimed general such as it abounds in groups of armed bandits, the so-called MLC is in reality a bunch of ragged troublemakers, with professional banditry for its sole profession and violence for its ideology. These one too many brainwashed individuals that nothing ascribes them to Cameroon, serve as a secular arm, in the expansionist rivalries between foreign powers in search of zones of influence.

This new development in the threat to our security is treated seriously by public authorities. Almost everything is done to ensure that at the first provocation, these rogues are relentlessly hunted, tracked down and destroyed. In the meantime, our populations, often victims of their hospitality, must not give in to rumour, they must exercise accrue vigilance, inform public authorities, and have complete confidence in them". Finished as Head of the Communication Division of the Ministry of Defense (MINDEF), Navy Capitain Cyrille Serge ATONFACK GUEMO.

Odile Pahai

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