Navy Captain ATONFACK GUEMO Head of Communication Division - MINDEF

Navy Captain ATONFACK GUEMO Head of Communication Division - MINDEF

Honor and Loyalty : END OF YEAR AND AFCON TotalEnergies 2021: strict security attention

While he was struggling to get his country out of the chaos of the Second World War, Winston Churchill, the then British Prime Minister was cracking down on the following statement, I quote: "Foresight is a difficult art, especially when it concerns the future ". End of quote.

As attractive as it may seem in its statement, the political leader’s quote nonetheless reflected the almost insoluble nature of the equation with several unknowns that is the domain of the security of persons and property.

Even more so, in the current context of liberalization and the disturbance of conflict, with the emergence of non-state actors in this sphere formerly reserved under the sovereignty of States.

Therefore, it would be risky or even perilous to engage in the exercise of predicting, with the aim of preparing for them in the most suitable possible way, the likely variations that could experience events inscribed in a future horizon coming together at high speed. It is as much about the end-of-year celebrations as well as the 33rd edition of the African Football Cup of Nations, which will succeed itself without transition.

The continuous migratory waves, the gatherings of varying importance, the moments of popular jubilation and even the mood swings that are sure to result from them, indeed require a security framework which, if it will be strict, must, however, be flexible enough not to hamper the enjoyment of individual rights and freedoms.

Which in some ways is parallel to trying to put a camel through the eye of a needle.

Yet it is this terrifying exercise, with its high coefficient of uncertainties that those responsible for public security are engaged. Through countless brainstorming, sessions through staff simulations, without forgetting the achievements of field experience, the

First at our borders, in order to prevent the infiltration of foodstuffs, products and individuals likely to constitute a danger to human, economic or environmental security. Then within, to discourage any inclination to disturb public order, on the part of violent radicals who will not hesitate to seize the slightest opportunity to attack the lives of people, causing in effect a huge damage to the image of our country.

However, the efforts of imagination, the concern for anticipation, the degree of preparation, the deployment of personnel and equipment, in a nutshell, the prediction of the future will only attain the expected security result through the total commitment of our populations to the protective measures that the administrative authorities will put in place. Together, let us support the Government.

Road checks, the Highway Code, barrier measures against Covid-19, and any other prescription of the administrative authority will deserve on the part of all a scrupulous, active and vigilant respect. Knowing that the enemy is not asleep, we should be conscious that our security and the credibility of Cameroon, our dear and beautiful country, is at stake. / -

Navy Captain


Head of Communication Division – MINDEF

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