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There’s a pre-war atmosphere in the air at the moment. Another world war is on the horizon. The arms race has started again. Troops are being pre-positioned in certain parts of the world as if waiting for the big attack. More and more sophisticated weapons are being tested directly on the battlefields used as test beds. While politicians and ideologists are conditioning minds with incomprehensible rhetoric about defending unlikely strategic interests threatened by ruthless competitors, strategists and policymakers are busy constructing abysmal conflict-prone scenarios. Leaving aside the Cold War interlude, which was no peace, the dramatic law of series seems to be continuing, with the current intra-European conflict in the process of globalisation, like others preceding it. One after the other, the sources of tension are boiling over. The main protagonists of the international scene are drumming up support with threatening injunctions.

The media are doing their utmost to convince public opinion of the right of all to global domination. To achieve this, history, science, faith and an alleged moral superiority are being used to justify vast enterprises of plunder. For wealthy countries, war offers many enrichment opportunities.

On the other hand, for the less wealthy countries as a whole, whichever side they take in these Manichean rivalries, the consequences of this clash of hegemonic blocs will likely be devastating. They will be called to account for their failure to do the bidding of the radical warmongers.

But while we must keep our eyes and ears open to developments outside our borders, we must also remain vigilant to the situation within our borders, for war is everywhere. Whether military, security, food, health, economic, environmental, moral, intellectual or cultural, war is a dialectic of wills expressed through violence, seduction, diversion or deception, leaving death and devastation in its wake.

The sovereignist stance of our leaders should therefore be equally permanent, as part of a non-alignment whose usefulness, if it is to be perceived and effective, implies the maintenance of a homogeneous vision, as well as progress in close ranks rather than in dispersed order. With the world on the eve of a new redistribution of the poles of influence, the slightest hint of unilateral initiative will be perceived as surrendering sovereignty. Acting in isolation could therefore take on the appearance of an adventurous venture, which the enemies of our desire to assert ourselves on the international stage will not fail to exploit.

Equally, we must form a bloc of nations to support our leaders so they can lead with energy and confidence the battles for our affirmation as a state, a people and a nation. /-

Navy Captain Cyrille Serge ATONFACK GUEMO Head of Communication Division  / MINDEF

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