Navy Captain ATONFACK GUEMO Head of Communication Division - MINDEF

Navy Captain ATONFACK GUEMO Head of Communication Division - MINDEF

Security crises and violent extremism in Cameroon : nothing spontaneous

In its time, that is to say in 2016, 5 years ago, a deliberately simplistic and essentially mystifying narrative wanted to convey the armed insurgency that had escalated in the administrative regions of the North West and South West for a spontaneous reaction from discouraged populations, a reaction carried by young people who are also disappointed.

What was not said earlier was that an armed insurgency was always the result of a long and careful preparation, the weapons and ammunitions used for this purpose did not miraculously appeared in the hands of the insurgents.

In reality, forces prowling in the shadows awaiting a trigger had used legitimate corporate demands as a pretext to set in motion an infernal mechanism programmed long in advance. To date, apparently concluding abnormal alliances is not an improvisation. The fact stems from a carefully planned process with a division of roles and sectors of activity between two extremisms, one claiming to be a prehistoric religious fundamentalist and the other of a miserable emancipationist submission.

The bitterness between these two separatisms is only a disguise, the trajectories of both converging as well on ambitions such as the dismantling of our national territory, as on the establishment of a zone of sapiential obscurity within the intergenerational Cameroonian.

Lease, it be proven that the terrorist movements of the North and the West of Cameroon answer from the same order giver would therefore only be a semi-surprise, just as the use of improvised explosive devices will have been in the Far North, as is the recent surge of anti-tank weapons in the North-West.

The possibility of such a development will have been evaporated during the last consultations to date between the Nigerian and Cameroonian officials in charge of the fight against terrorism. The measures taken on the said occasion have made it possible to reinforce those taken previously, which have so far limited the proliferation of improvised explosive devices in areas plagued by insecurity.

In addition, the increasingly growing cooperation between the populations and their defence and security forces is helping to loosen the grip of psychosis. Moreover, far from constituting a kind of game changer, in other words, far from causing a reversal of the situation on the ground, a situation irreversibly in favour of the popular and security republican forces, the change recently observed in the operating methods of the obscurantist forces appears more like a communication operation.

In the course of incestuous collusion and commitments, it is for the small terrorist groups to regain a semblance of composure in the vain hope of consequently delaying the inexorable end of their extinction. Because it is up to the people of Cameroon alone to say "Game Over".

Navy Captain


Head of Communication Division - MINDEF

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