Honor and Loyalty : Peace in Cameroon: Guaranteed success of disarmament and reintegration operations

The history of belligerence as has unfolded over the centuries, teaches us that it is not common for the side with tactical and strategic advantage to initiate a fraternal peace offer.

Very often, complete surrender or total destruction is the only alternative offered to opponents on the verge of rout.

In its relentless struggle against dehumanisation; terrorist scourge, Cameroon has always remained at the top, both in terms of initiative and territorial control, a situation that terrorist groups are unable to reverse even at the height of their ability to do harm.

It is therefore neither by force nor by coercion that Cameroon should have opted for a peaceful and honourable exit from the infernal murderous spiral, maintained by the very people towards whom the nation shows so much affection and compassion.

They are the perpetrators of indiscriminate, illegal and illegitimate armed violence, sometimes monsters guilty of countless atrocities, yet simply considered as lost children to whom we all owe the duty to bring back to the family fold.

The hard way may seem radical and expeditious, but it perfectly takes into cognisance the shortcomings of a peace imposed by arms, in particular, the feeling of humiliation, conducive for the resurgence of future crisis-provoking episodes, which Cameroon has chosen neither submission, elimination nor exclusion, but reconciliation with each of her rebellious children, regardless of the crimes committed.

The process to achieve this equally appears to be the least painful. Instead of a doubtful surrender or a dramatic neutralisation, it is a matter of moral disarmament, psychological extrication and ideological detoxification.

The success of this method is growing by the day as thousands of former fundamentalist and separatist fighters have agreed to lay down their arms.

Pragmatically, it was to be expected that this strategic move which will have upset the chessboard of belligerence far beyond the borders of Cameroon, be met with counter-battery fire from those who fear to see disappear the hotbeds of crisis lit and fed by jactitations and devices of death, their source of income enabling them to live in affluence on the other side of the tropics.

This, it should be reiterated, is to the detriment of many of our brave young people, puppets in a sadistic drama of which they know neither the prologue nor the epilogue.

It is to this manipulated youth that the President of the Republic extends the hand of peace. It is this misguided youth that he is calling back to the family fold.

It is for this youth that the disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration centres have been planned, built, equipped and made functional, for a participatory and ambitious return to the building of our common future. /-

Navy Captain


Head of Communication Division - MINDEF

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